I avoided church for most of my life — it just never struck me as a good idea. But about ten years ago Lori and I started going to a place called The Unity Center (after a good bit of looking around). And starting a few weeks ago, they’ve introduced a newly redesigned first service that is absolutely amazing. For decades they’ve offered two identical services every Sunday, at 9:00 and 11:00. But after much careful reflection, and significant congregant feedback, they’ve split the 9:00 service away from the traditional format. It’s now the “contemplative” service. I attended again this morning, and I was blown away. I bet there isn’t one Unity Church in the country that does it quite like this.... The whole service begins and ends in a sacred thrum. If you’ve been looking for a non-denominational, non-religious, conscious, compassionate, mindful, all-tradition-friendly, welcoming, and not-afraid-to-be-profound spiritual community, you should try the 9:00 o’clock service at The Unity Center.
— Peter Bolland
Wendy eloquently speaks to your heart and makes you think about things in a different way. I recommend checking out Unity if you are looking for something different in a place of worship and want to be connected to your inner spirit.
— Susan R.
Rev. Wendy’s lessons,messages and courageous truths have inspired me to be a better human being. I don’t always do the hard work that she teaches, but I am always inspired to be a better spiritual leader in my communities of home, work and church. The staff and Board of Advisors also serve to show me the best and most faith-filled practices of proportional giving or tithing where I am spiritually fed and how to transform our world with love. Thank you for all the years of love and support.
— Erik Jensen
I have attended other churches with beautiful productions that have been very well organized, however I have yet to find another church that speaks to me the way The Unity Center has. Wendy has an unbelievable talent. She knows how to captivate and convey powerful messages with ease and grace.
— Frank Pizano
Reverend Wendy is an amazing speaker who fills the sanctuary with love, caring and inspiration. Thank you!
— Keith Russell
Thank you for sharing your gift!
— Shelia Bulley