I know I still rely on what I learned from you almost 20 years ago.
— Rev. Sharon Ketchum
Wendy - your teachings are timeless and powerful. Rev.
— Kyra Baehr
I took your church workshop back in the day and found it to be very useful.
— Rev. Doris Hoskins
You gave a brief lunch & learn at Unity Institute and Seminary, probably in 2015? I was just sharing with one of my colleagues this past week how meaningful and relevant it was and how much I use the strategies you outlined for us.
— Rev. Daybree Garland Thoms
My husband and I found the week we spent with you and your staff to be the most helpful program for us of our whole ministerial career. A mentoring program would be a blessing to any Unity minister, new or experienced.
— Rev. Lauren McLaughlin
I have attended your Minister’s workshop and loved it sooo much it left a lasting impression on me. I am currently retired from pulpit ministry, moved my ministry online and writing. I do recommend this to everyone.
— Rev. Alicia Lesllie
LeRoy and I attended it years ago and I still turn to information we received...it was a real nuts and bolts training...so grateful for you Wendy.
— Rev. Patricia Rollins Bessey
I attended a workshop with you via conference call, I remember. Very helpful! I’m still using your “welcomed but not watched” in training ushers how to be with newcomers. I’d love to have information about more workshops.
— Rev. Debbie O’Connor